About Us


History. Tradition. Family.

These are the most important three words to the Arceo Family from Jalisco, Mexico. They began a journey 25 years ago as they arrived to the Walla Walla Valley with a hard work ethic and way more dreams. Several restaurants and other businesses later, they have seen hard work, family loyalty and support pay great dividends. Abelardo Arceo, his wife Francisca (Pachita), and a few of his brothers began a tradition that stand firm today as the torch has now been handed down to their three beautiful daughters and "Chiquillas Mexican House".

The same wonderful family recipes, many new dishes and a new modern-day style and feel for all to enjoy! "Chiquillas" means young maidens and Abelardo's three "Chiquillas" are here to bring you the best of a families' past and a new look and feel for the future.

Enjoy your time at our house!